Nutritional Data

A La Carte

Rich's Ice Cream Products: 

Banana Fudge Rocket
Birthday Cake Cone
Chocolate Shortcake
Creamy Cotton Candy
Crumbled Cookie Cone
Fudge Frenzy
Orange Cream Bar
Polar Pole Orange
Sour Cyclone Blue Raspberry
Sour Swell Cherry
Strawberry Shortcake
Vanilla & Chocolate Cone
Vanilla Sandwich
Riches Nutrition Worksheet

Capri Sun 100% Juice

Cheetos, Flamin' Hot

Cheetos, Oven Baked, Crunchy
Cinn Apple Oat Chewie Bar
Cinn Toast Crunch Bar
Doritos Cool Ranch Tortilla Chips 
Doritos, Spicy Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips
Goldfish Hot n Spicy

ShapeUps Whole Fruit 
Sidekicks Nutritionals
Snack Crackers
String Cheese

Breakfast Entrees

Beef Sausage Biscuit 
Belly Bear Crackers
Breakfast Bun/Honey Bun
Breakfast Burrito
Breakfast Quesadilla
Breakfast Sandwich, Egg & Cheese
Buttermilk Bar
Cereal, Cheerios
Cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cereal, Golden Grahams
Cereal, Honeynut Cheerios
Cereal, Kix
Cereal, Multigrain Cheerios
Cereal, Rice Chex
Cereal, Trix, LS
Cinnamon Toast 
Cinnamon Roll, 3.5oz, 0134773
Egg Sausage Wrap
French Toast, Triple Berry Blast
Maple Biscuit 
Mini Bagel 
Mini Bagel Cinnamon Raisin 
Muffin, Apple Cinnamon
Muffin, Banana
Muffin, Blueberry
Muffin, Super Star Corn
Muffin, Harvest (Sweet Potato Choc Chip)
Pancakes, Mini, Maple
Pancakes, Mini Strawberry
Pancake on a Stick
Pizza Bagel
Sausage Patty, Pork
Skillet Omelet, Cheese
Super Star Corn Muffin  2oz
Strawberry Banana Muffin
UBR 2oz 
UBR Blueberry 2.5oz 
Waffles, Mini Blueberry

Waffles, Mini Maple
Zucchini Carrot Muffin 


BBQ Sauce, Ken's
Dressing, Caesar, Ken's
Dressing, Chipotle-Ranch,Kens
Dressing, Italian, Ken's
Dressing, Ranch, Ken's
Enchilada Sauce
Seasoning Salt, Lawry's
Sweet & Sour Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce, Kikkomans


Cheese, Shredded
Cheese, Sliced
Chocolate Pudding
Milk & Juice
Cream Cheese cups
Whip Topping, Rich's


Apple, Gala
Apples, Sliced

Apricot Halves
Capri Sun Berry Breeze 
Capri Sun Fruit Dive

Frozen Fruit Cups, Holiday


Juices, Clearbrook Farms
Mixed Fruit

Orange Wedges


Peaches, Diced
Pears, Sliced

Pineapple Sno Pal
Pineapple Tidbits 


Brownie Cup 
Chow Mein
Cinnamon Granola Cereal MOM 
Cinnamon Toast Crunch RS 
Cookie, Celebration 
Cookie, Chocolate Chip 
Cookie, Holiday 
Cornbread Muffin
Dinner Roll
DoughBall for Smart Choice Pizza 
Fortune Cookie
Galassos Bread Items 
Golden Grahams Cereal

Goldfish, Cheddar
Goldfish, Hot n' Spicy
Goldfish, Giant Cinnamon
Goldfish, Pretzel
Hamburger Bun Galassos
Hot Dog Bun Galassos
Kix Cereal
Kix GM 
Muffin, Super Star Corn 1.6 oz
Multigrain Cheerios 
Rice Chex 
Roll Galassos 
Saltines, mini
Rice, Brown
Taco Shell 6in 
Tortilla 8inch 
Tortilla Chips WG Romero
White Whole Wheat 3.5 Bun
White Whole Wheat 4 Hoagie Hinged
White Whole Wheat 6 Hot Dog 
Whole Grain Dough Ball Wheat content

Lunch Entrees

Deli Sandwich Meat 2 oz 
BBQ Teriyaki Chicken Drumstick Yangs 
Bean & Cheese Burrito, Los Cabos
Beef Crumbles for Pizza
Beef Patty 
Buffalo Chicken Lings 
Buffalo Hot Lings 
Chicken, Picnic, Roasted
Chicken, Diced 
Chicken Drumstick Breaded Tyson 405424
Chicken, grilled filet Tyson 
Chicken Enchilada 
Chicken Fajita Strips
Chicken Meatballs
Chicken Nuggets, Tyson
Chicken Nuggets, Yangs
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Patty
Chicken Patty, Spicy
Chicken Taco Meat
Chicken Tenders/Dippin' Chicken
Chicken Wings, Honey Sriracha, Tyson406041
Chili Beef & Bean 
Corn Dog, Chicken FF
Corn Dogs, Mini, Chicken FF
Ham, Diced
Diced Turkey Breast Jennie-O 
Hot Dog, Turkey Frank
Italian Cheesy Stick, Max Stix
Lil Kahuna Double Dogs
Macaroni & Cheese
Meatballs & Marinara
Meat Loaf 
Mini Cheeseburgers Sliders
Orange Chicken, Lings, Popcorn
Orange Chicken, Ling's
Pasta with Meat Sauce
PBJ Grape 
PBJ Strawberry 
Pepperoni, for Smart Choice Pizza
Pepperoni slices Hormel
Pepperoni Slices Tyson
Pizza, Big Daddy's
Pizza, Cheese, Smart Choice
Pizza, Tony's SmartPizza
Pizza Cheese Cruncher
Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn Chicken, Spicy
Pork, BBQ, Shredded
Pork Carnitas Rose & Shore
Pork Patty/Pork Parmigiana
Pork Riblet 
Sloppy Joe Meat 
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Taco Meat, Turkey
Turkey Gravy
Wrap Turkey Ham Cheese


Black Beans
Broccoli Florets
Garbanzo Beans
Green Beans
Marinara Sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Onion Rings 
Pickle Chips, Dill
Pickle Relish, Sweet
Pinto Beans
Pizza Sauce
Potatoes, Oven Fries 
Red Kidney Beans
Refried Beans
Salad Blend
Spicy Curly Fries 
Sweet Potato Tots